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==**This wiki is dedicated to the development of Tech Leadership Skills through the Tech Leader Cohort TLC program sponsored by the NH Department of Education and the effective use 21st century tools to support teaching and learning. Pass this link on and get someone else involved today. [1]

Sakai Institute Intel Leadership Forum - August 18, 2011
CACES Intel Leadership Forum - August 4, 2010, Sept 23
CACES ipod for Administrators - October 5

NH Intel Leadership Forum - January 13, 2010

Presentations and Workshops of Interest

Bill Carozza
Bill Carozza and Dr.Cathy Higgins
Maria Knee

Dan Morris
Paula Churchill and Dave Backler's North Country Intel Wiki

  1. ^ **==
    Many thanks to Dan Morris: Dan@cmconsulting.net for his excellent training and generosity with the framework for this wiki. Visit Dan's original wiki with links to his other resources and presentations