NH Intel Leadership Forum(v3.6)

This page and those attached are based on those created by Dan Morris: Intel Senior Trainer - dan@cmconsulting.net to support the Intel Leadership Forum

Our NH group will need to relink these pages to our own material We will want to add local information

Essential Question:

How can educational leaders support teacher effectiveness to improve student achievement?

Getting Started (30 minutes) (see pages vi-xi)

Module 1: Examining Leadership Behaviours and Standards (70 minutes)

Module 2: Exploring Best Practices (60 minutes)

Module 3: Introducing Web 2.0 and New Technologies (50 minutes)


Module 4: Developing Your Plan of Action (30 minutes)

  • Activity 1: Creating Your Action Plan
  • Activity 2: Sharing Your Action Plan
  • Activity 3: Concluding the Forum
  • Activity 4: Evaluating Your Forum Experience
    • Evaluation link here

Master Leader Resources** Currently Dan's page